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The Lace of Jesus

The Lace of Jesus

We were created in His Image. He loves us so much and has a divine plan for each of us. He is the way, the truth, and the life. When you wake from your dream pillow, worship God, and offer your fragrance in saturated prayer and thanksgiving for yet another blissful day with Him.

My Story

A beautiful poetic journey to walk in the beauty of The Lord and to be encouraged as The Lord inspired this writer. A Gift with his plan and his purpose to be shared with others. On June 26, 1990, during a time of study, The Lord inspired Cheryl to write down certain scriptures in her journal that referred to the poets in the bible. Several months later, the first poem, “The Rose,” was inspired. A rose goes through many seasons. The rosebud, the rose blossom, and the sandy rose. Writings continue as The Lord inspires. Throughout the years, the rose collection of poems has been shared with many people from all walks of life.

Cheryl was born in Belleville, Illinois, and her family moved to California when she was fourteen. In high school, creative writing was a chore. She did not have any desire to write. Then fourteen years later, she accepted Jesus as her personal Savior, and everything changed. Today she loves to write and looks forward to each inspired poem. As The Lord has encouraged Cheryl with each one, may he encourage each one of you.

Cheryl raised a daughter and two sons and has been blessed with nine grandchildren. In addition to spiritual writing, she enjoys collecting angels, home decorating, and the Drama Ministry.


Author Cheryl A. Hymon

Cheryl is a phenomenal writer. She writes with so much passion and love. I can't wait to read her next book. I'm inspired! 

Rebecca P.

Praise & Reviews

I am blown away by Cheryl as a storyteller. Her words help me see the story in color as I read.

Isaiah A.

I can't wait to read Cheryl's upcoming book. I love the way she loves to write and it shows!

Kathy R.

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